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15th August 2019 Very Excited to welcome this mare to the yard. looking forward to working with her and owner Chris Stone.

28th June 2019 Clever Continuum Wins BE100 at Wilton. Thank you Tracey for the support. So exciting that our 6 year old is progressing well and enjoying his work. Taking him slowly as he is our future superstar in the making.

19th July 2019 We had a fascinating visit from Jemma at Haygain to talk us through some brilliant products. 
The Haygain steamer will be familiar to many and we will be investing in a larger one than shown here.

Much learned Thank you Jemma

We have truly excellent haylage as Jemma agreed, but large bales not eaten quickly enough can grow a few fungal spores that we could do without and the Haygain eradicates them.

It also makes already great forage even more palatable which will help with our biggest picky eater Brad.

We already have one stable done in something similar to the Comfortstall and it was interesting to see the advances in bedding. 

The Flexineb Nebuliser is also firmly at the top of the list with it’s ability to keep the airways in tip-top condition, particularly since Continuity has had sinus issues two Februarys running – we think due to pollen issues.

Monday 24th June 2019 There are days you win, days you lose, and days you put down to experience, learn from and plan ahead from. Yesterday, at beautiful, sunny @Farley Hall, with perfect ground was a mixture of all 3!

New ride Queeste Z was very tense (I have only ridden him 5 
times so far and need much longer to form a partnership with this stunning 17hh bay Belgian Warmbloood owned by Jackie Purnell) but tried so hard finishing only his 3rd Novice (8th event) with a fabulous cross country round. 
Osbourne Stardust did his best ever dressage but then was so scared that there might be a water tray in the show jumping arena, I ended up standing on my feet. 
Continuum (still just 6) was very grown up despite a very long day on the lorry and earned a 6th rosette.
The highs and lows of eventing!
Thank you to everyone who makes #TEAMBRITNELL such a great group of people and horses! I am a fortunate man to have you around me!