Remote Coaching

I offer two forms of online remote coaching:

EquiRatings OnForm: For ridden and stable management activities

You take a short video and upload it to my private channel. I feedback and then upload, so you can  watch and reflect.

Feedback happens in a number of different ways

  • Voice over recording
  • Drawing tools to highlight and clarify
  • Frame by frame scrolling, quarter speed and half speed. 
  • Side by side comparisons

Benefits of remote learning:

  • Lessons from a training session can now be replayed

This allows you to really analyse a comment or instruction, aiding long-lasting retention and application. You can revisit the session and continue the discussion with your coach at a later date. You can make comparisons and see your progress over time. No more lost “lightbulb moments”.

  • Visual playback of your own performance.

Concentrating on riding and learning at the same time can be challenging. This gives you the opportunity to see what your coach sees. 

  • Convenience

No need to try and find a convenient time for us both.  Ride at the best time for you and reflect when you are not preoccupied with other things. Geography is no longer a hinderance. 

 Zoom sessions – For group lectures and pony club rallies

These sessions are fully interactive promote social interaction between group members in a fun, powerful and effective way.

Every possible subject can be covered. I have used Zoom extensively over the summer to deliver stable management lectures to Pony Club and taught a diverse range of subjects from tack cleaning, grooming, horses paces, the aids for lateral work, including ridden and on foot demonstrations from me.

These sessions are suitable for Pony Club, Riding Club or other equestrian group interactive meetings.