Sponsorship Opportunities

My sponsors are an integral part of Team Britnell. I enjoy close relationships with them and work hard to offer a wide variety of opportunities to promote them on a regional, national and international level. I make myself available for photoshoots, interviews and promotional activities. I have an active social media presence and enthusiastic and dynamic following. I am known for my quirky style and humorous delivery.


This award acknowledges sponsored riders who make the greatest contribution to the trade and is presented to those who have participated fully in building a relationship with their sponsor to yield good results for both.

Image courtesy of SIMON D. JONES Pro Vision Photography Ltd

Nominator Red Horse Products said: “Our relationship with David has far exceeded our expectations. He has gone out of his way to shine a light on the products he believes in. In our first year, thanks to David, we saw our brand trot down the centre line at Bramham, Barbury and Gatcombe, which was a thrill in itself – and his participation in the Event Rider Masters series really amplified our brand exposure. In addition to this support, he also offers teaching to Red Horse Products competition winners, social media interaction, videos of the products in use and word-of-mouth promotion to service providers and clients alike.”

Brand Promotion

I am available to promote innovative brands that I can work with. I only endorse products that I use myself and am willing to base my reputation on. Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas.

Horse Sponsorship

CSF Why Me (Louis) and his “fan club” at Ascott Under Whychwood 2019.

Opportunities are available to support current or new horses. I am also open to take on new rides, contact me for further details.