Had a one on one xc training session with David this week, and came away totally beaming! My 5yo ISH and I are totally new to eventing and David filled me with so much confidence. He’s really encouraging and understanding of young horses. His critique was positive and fair and we have plenty to work on before our next event, but knowing that my horse is more than capable after our lesson has given me so much more determination and positivity. Thank you so much! Natasha Marris

“Great at instilling confidence in both horse and rider! ” Chrissie Turner

“David schooled my homebred PRE mare for me and competed her with great success at her first dressage competitions . He really understood what made her tick and I am delighted with their progress.” Genny Goodall

“David was recommended to us at a time when we thought we might need to get rid of our horse as it appeared to have become unrideable. He took stock, sorted out the horse and then helped my nervous-rider daughter gain amazing confidence both in individual and group lessons. He is patient (beyond belief), kind and fantastically encouraging! He has the ability to find numerous positives to bolster self-esteem when to the untrained eye it looks like a sack of spuds on an unwilling donkey! He has helped her to love lessons again, challenge herself and develop a really positive attitude! He has been her ‘counsellor’, her friend and a much respected coach – something that is difficult to achieve with a teen of today! We’ve got more to do but we’re definitely going in the right direction thanks to David! Thank you David!” Rachel Scarff

“David was recommended through several people to help me gain confidence with my rather stubborn mare. I had been having a tricky time and was at the point of wanting to sell her. 
I have been having lessons with David for a couple of months now, and what a difference it’s made to both of us. He has been incredibly patient, as I know I’m not the easiest to teach. He is so motivating and positive with everything he says which has been a huge help for me as I had lost my way a little bit and had a rather negative outlook. Thanks to David, Puds and I have found ourselves again. We are out competing most weekends and I am enjoying her even if we have the odd hick up. I can’t thank him enough for giving me the push in the right direction that I most definitely needed. We still have a long way to go but would absolutely recommend to anyone who needs a confidence boost and a little push to know everything is going to be okay and not to give up. ” Emily Bunce

” Very positive enthusiastic and dedicated coach” Kim Estcourt

“He has started instructing my 14 year daughter on her first horse. The change in her riding and expectation of Daisy (the horse!) has been fantastic. He is very positive in the way he teaches and has also got on Daisy to show what he means if Emily hasn’t understood. Can’t recommend him highly enough and we are currently trying to organise how we can logistically keep him as an instructor despite moving hours away! Thank you David.” Katie Singleton

” David impressed me with his mature and enthusiastic approach when my son had the good fortune to be allocated to his ride at the Vale of Aylesbury camp in 2012.I have subsequently used him to teach both my children . David has a very professional, safe and skilful manner mixed with an infectious sense of fun when teaching.I have witnessed him in various situations where he quickly engages with the pupil , assessing the partnership’s needs , whatever their level of experience. With clear instructions,imaginative exercises and thoughtful reflection with each student, he remains focused and committed to install confidence and achieve the best from each partnership within a lesson. ‘Unpaid’ in a competition environment he has generously supported my kids, willingly giving them ‘gems’ of advice as they enter the arena …. no doubt inspiring them to achieve their best!” Anna Johnson